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pest control services corpus christi customer testimony  I called around, they weren't the cheapest but I left a voicemail anyway.   I felt very comfortable talking to the owner on the phone.  He was very thorough and knowledgeable and answered all my questions.  He did a phenomenal job and got rid of all the bugs at our ranch house.  I will definitely continue to use this service.

- Olga U.

customer testimony  Had some insect issues at family home. Looked up affordable services, and this one had great reviews.  The service was impeccable and the serviceman is very knowledgeable and educated in the field.  He went as far as recommending tips as to not have a recurrence.  Who does that nowadays?!?!  The issue was gone in a day and the service was VERY affordable.  You get way more than you pay for here.  They will be my go-to source for all pest control needs for sure.  Highly recommend!

- LJ Maverick

customer testimony  My wife and I were not happy with our current pest control service.   It was no longer owned locally.  The great service went along with the company.  All the new company could do was offer someone to go out for another treatment.  It did not solve the problem.  We started to see pests that we had not seen in a long time with the old company.  Total Pro Pest Control answered my call for better service.  John went above and beyond what we could have asked for.  If you are unhappy with your pest control company then I would recommend using Total Pro Pest Control for your home or business.

- James D.

customer testimony  We had a huge problem problem with fruit flies.  Tried all kinds of things.  Finally gave up and called a professional.  Wow!  After just one treatment, the problem was gone!  Affordable and professional sevice!

- Zaida Trevino

customer testimony  We just built our home and found out very quickly we needed to protect our house from ants and spiders.  I recommend Total Pro Pest Control to everyone.  He was professional and educational in his field.  It is important to us that those invited into and around our home are trust worthy.  We are extremely satisfied with the level of service we have been provided.   Our home has small and large animals.  It is nice to know our children and animals are protected in their home.  For that I would give 10 stars if possible.  We are happy to have Total Pro Pest Control as apart of our support team.  If you are looking for a genuine good business with TPPC you get that.

- Katie Fry

customer testimony  I could not be more pleased with the service and professionalism of this company.  My family had insect issues.  One call.  Yes.  One call.  That's all it took.  Service person came out, dashed some magic, and within a day, there was no more issue.  The service, as I said, was prompt and impeccable and very very affordable.   I highly recommend!

- LJ M.

customer testimony  Great company the owner is very friendly and professional.  He thoroughly sprayed the house and went above what other pest control services have done in the past.  I highly recommend using his services!

- MIchael A.

customer testimony  Very pleased with the service.  The owner is very professional and helpful.  Great company and will recommend this company to any one!

- James J.

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